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I.SEA. Conservation is an organisation dedicated to marine conservation through collaboration, education, research, awareness and actions.

Everyone on Earth is fundamentally reliant on the ocean, no matter how far they live from the coast. The ocean provides us with food, pharmaceuticals, jobs, cosmetics, and of course amazing beauty. It regulates our climate, produces more oxygen than all of the world’s rainforests and even slows climate change by sequestering and storing carbon dioxide. 
But it is under threat. Marine biodiversity is in decline, the ocean is becoming clogged with plastic, coral reefs are bleaching and dying, and the water is becoming more acidic, threatening the world’s marine systems as we know them.

We believe that one important aspect of reversing these changes and protecting the ocean’s delicate systems for future generations is through education. Hence the creation of I.SEA. Schools, a series of workshops and presentations aimed at inspiring young minds to build a better future.
Have experienced marine biologists and presenters come along to your school!


I.SEA. Conservation has developed several presentations, covering a variety of conservation topics and aimed at different education levels. If none of these presentations match your needs, we are happy to tailor a presentation to your school’s needs or curriculum. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss options for your school or event.

"Peace to the Reef"

LEVEL: Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
LENGTH: 1.5-2 Hours

This session is designed to introduce students to coral reefs, an ecosystem that many people may not have first-hand experience of. The session involves an interactive presentation, focused on stimulating thought and discussion about reef (and ocean) conservation.  In terms of conservation issues, climate change, its effect on reef ecosystems, and the reduction of greenhouse gasses are key areas of focus.
Topics covered include:
  • What a marine biologist does
  • Introduction to coral reefs, where they’re found, and their biodiversity
  • Coral biology
  • Importance of coral reefs and their benefits to humans
  • Coral reef ecosystems (Ecosystem Activity Part 1)
  • Brief overview of threats to coral reefs (e.g. fishing, pollution, mining, climate change)
  • Effects of climate change on coral reefs
  • Coral Bleaching
  • Consequences for Coral Reef Ecosystems (Ecosystem Activity Part 2)
  • Solutions: How to reduce emissions (Brainstorm Activity)
  • Quiz and Discussion

"An Ocean of Plastic"

LEVEL: Lower Secondary
LENGTH: 1 Hour
This session is designed to make students aware of one of the biggest challenges our society is up to its neck in - plastic. In particular, single-use plastics. We are a planet of convenience-loving consumers and our health and the world’s environments are paying for it. The ocean is no exception. Each year 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean. In fact, a recent study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Plastic, and the toxins it leaches, not only kill marine animals, they also make their way into our seafood and affect human health. There are some simple things that we can do as consumers to change our habits and tackle this problem. 
Topics covered include:
  • What a marine biologist does
  • Introduction to the ocean
  • Services that the ocean provides us with
  • Ocean biodiversity
  • Plastics
  • Plastic in the oceans
  • Plastic and marine animals
  • Plastic, seafood and human health
  • Our plastic habits
  • Alternatives
  • A call for change (brainstorming activity)
  • Quiz and discussion

"Coral Connections"

LEVEL: Lower Secondary
LENGTH: 1 Hour
LEVEL: Lower Secondary to Senior School
LENGTH: 1 Hour
Coral Connections is a presentation that looks in detail at corals, coral reefs, and the ecosystems that they host. It delves into the anatomy and biology of corals, looks at how coral reefs are formed, discusses the roles of various players in coral reef ecosystems and teaches how coral reefs are linked to and support not only the whole ocean but the whole planet. Unlike other I.SEA. presentations, there is not a strong emphasis on threats or conservation issues. This would ideally be delivered as the first session in a two part series on coral reefs. A breakdown of the topics covered follows.
  • What a marine biologist does
  • Introduction to coral reefs and where they’re found
  • Coral biology and physiology
  • The coral - algae relationship
  • Coral reef ecosystems
  • Roles on the reef
  • Quiz and Discussion

"Ocean's Deadliest - Debunked"

LEVEL: Lower Secondary to Senior School
LENGTH: 1 Hour

Sharks, sea snakes, killer jellyfish. The ocean certainly has a reputation for playing host to some pretty deadly animals. But do these animals really deserve their nasty reputation? We work our way through some of the big names in ocean baddies, sorting facts from fiction. A great interactive presentation that is ensure to engage students of all ages.

"Shark Guardian Presentation"

LEVEL: Upper Primary to Senior School
LENGTH: 20 Minutes (recommended as an 'add-on' to another presentation)

I.SEA. has partnered up with Shark Guardian , a shark conservation charity, and are authorised presenters of the Shark Guardian Presentation, which is currently delivered to over 20,000 people each year in several countries around the world. The Shark Guardian presentation is an interesting and educational event for all age groups.  Not only does the presentation educate the audience about sharks, but also about their role in the food chain of the ocean, their importance and why they are needed for our survival. The presentation provides information and facts regarding the modern day plight of shark populations throughout the world and is aimed towards shark conservation and action through education and awareness. To find out more about Shark Guardian, visit their website .

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