I.SEA. ambassadors

Become an i.sea. ambasador and give the ocean a voice in your community.

2: Plan
3: Create Change
Simply follow the link to apply to be an I.SEA. Ambassador.

 1. Qualification in marine biology, ecology, conservation or something similar, OR
The equivalent relevant experience in the field.

 2. An enthusiasm and passion for marine advocacy, education and conservation.
3. A willingness to commit to enacting I.SEA. Projects in your community.

Once your initial application has been aproved, it's time to decide what you will do to implement an I.SEA. Project in your community.​

Perhaps you want to create a movement to make and distribute Better Bags to minimise single-use plastics.

Or maybe you'd like to visit schools and communities to deliver educational I.SEA. presentations and seminars.

Alternatively to may know how to put together an engaging video / photo series and want to use your skills to protect the ocean?

Or you might have a project in mind that we can help you achieve. If so, we would love to hear all about it!

We would be delighted to send you tools and materials and provide you with all the support necesary to implement whatever project you have in mind!

Working closely with I.SEA. (be it through in-person meetings, via email, or phone), you will implement your project in your community.

It is only through the actions of a wide network of volunteers, advocates and ambassadors such as yourselves will we begin to see real changes!

Once your project(s) in underway, we would love to share the great work you do to inspire others, as well as receive feedback of what did/didn't work well.

We are always looking to expand and improve and we would love you to be a part of this process.

Interested? Apply today and be the change you want to see in this world!
Current I.SEA. Ambassadors
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