Send us your scraps!

Have you got some old tableclothes, sheets or bits of unwanted fabric laying around?
We would love to turn them into beautiful, unique and reuseable shopping bags to use within the community!

The Result
"In an age of 'fast fashion', 1.5 million tons of clothes and textiles go straight into landfill sites in Britain every year. 
Oxfam said that 9,513 garments were thrown into landfill every five minutes, totalling one billion items per year and the equivalent of one in four garments sold. While every other type of landfill waste is reducing, textiles has risen."
- The Telegraph

Also of concern is the number of plastic bags we go through. It is estimated that around 5 trillion plasic bags are produced each year, which are used for mere minutes before they are thrown away or end up polluting our waterways and killing the planet's wildlife.
To do something about all of this, I.SEA. accepts donations of unwanted fabric and then turns them into beautiful, long-lasting grocery and produce bags. These bags are distributed within the community, in a bid to reduce the single-use plasics our throwaway society gets through.

Want to help? Get in touch to find out how you can put your old fabric scraps to better use! Or better yet! Have some sewing skills? We'd love some extra hands to create the bags themselves.
By introducing Better Bags into the community we empower people to break free from the plasic habit. We reduce the fabric that makes its way to landfill and we cut the kilos of plastic that ends up in the environment and the bodies of animals.

Let your unwanted fabric help make something amazing happen!

Better Bags are currently for sale at Ningaloo Bulk Foods , with all proceeds going towards Microplastics Research on the Ningaloo Reef.